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How does it work?

Privacy once lost, cannot be recovered and bank transfers are contributing to that by releasing your bank details, and in particular your name of birth. With your name of birth anyone can google you, find information on yourself and your family, find you on Linkedin and even find your place of employment, something which doesn’t happen with cash or POS payments.

Dexo was designed to solve that privacy issue and allow users to make payments with the same level of anonymity as paying with cash. Whether you are Male or Female, Christian or Muslim we all need to protect our private details when paying in a public environment.

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After basic registration you can start to make safe payments.


Enter the recipient account details and specify the amount you want to pay. The fees will be displayed.


Checkout with one of our providers by using bank transfer, debit and credit card and even USSD transfer.


After the payment has been received the funds are transferred in seconds to the recipient, keeping your details safe.

When should I use Dexo?


When shopping in Markets, Malls and retail outlets where the shop does not have a POS.


When paying for food and drinks in Bars, Clubs, Restaurants or Fast food outlets.


When sending tips or making gifts to strangers or people you don’t know well.


When purchasing goods online with local merchants.


When purchasing on websites that don’t have valid security certificates.


When buying stuff you don’t want others to know about, like paraphernalia.

Where can I use Dexo?


Currently the service is only available in Naira and in Nigeria.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Ivory Coast

Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

South Africa

Coming soon.

Don’t just take our word.

Peter, Lagos

Wow guys you saved my life, had to pay off some debt and my wife would be really mad if she found out, used your service and she can’t see who I paid, so neat, well done guys!

Gloria, Ilorin

I wanted to pay the shop owner but he said POS no work and asked me to transfer, when he got my money he called my name and said he was happy to meet me, he’s a horrible man, now every time I pass by his shop he calls my name as if he knows me, it’s horrible, wish I had known about Dexo earlier.

David, Surulere

With all this cash wahala I can’t tip when I go out, now I just use Dexo for that

Kennedy, Port Harcourt

Thanks guys, my girlfriend saw some transfers I made to other girls and was asking me all sorts of questions, now I just use you guys and she doesn’t see what I pay, she thinks it’s online shopping, this is such a cool solution, have told all my friends, would also like to use it for crypto 😊

Josiah, Lagos

I bought some adult toys online but then the transaction failed. I had to call the bank customer service several times to get my money back and every time they asked me the recipient name “Adult S.. Toys Ltd” they would laugh at me, I wish I had seen this earlier and would have used Dexo.

Abiodun, Sokoto

I like to bet and my wife hate it, she would always check my phone for alerts to see if I sent money to my wallet, now she can’t check on me anymore, such a good solution.

John, Abuja

Last week I transferred some money to some girl, she found out where I work and even saw me with my GF, she now asking me money not to tell me GF that we had been flirting, I can’t believe I’m in such a mess right now, wish I had use Dexo…